Set Design Inspirations

Where do you start when designing a set for a brand new piece of theatre?

Where do you start when designing a set for a brand new piece of theatre? Well if you aren’t particularly gifted with a pencil and a saw, you might run into the same problems as us! We always start out bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the prospect of creating the physical world of our production. Beginning by bouncing ideas back and forth using the text as well as images we find interesting for inspiration but when it comes to committing this to paper, things don’t quite come together in the way we might have thought…

So seeing as that didn’t go so well, we enlisted the help of some of our much more artistically-talented friends: Robyn (contemporary performance specialist), Freddie (fine artist & filmic eye) and Jono (designer, carpenter & toolkit of endless specialties). Meeting and sharing ideas over coffees with these guys proved that collaboration always creates a more fruitful outcome. While we talk about how great it would be if “all the set could spin on wheels” or “We could have a material that is transparent but opaque at the same time”, Jono has been able to ground these ideas (read: let us know what’s totally impossible) and then translate them into a really exciting and buildable design! As we speak, Jono is hard at work making all of this a reality; but until then here are a few of the images that have inspired us so far. Let us know what you think!

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