Actors’ Initial Responses to the Script

This is us on our preliminary rehearsal day last week.  Hiya!

From left to right: Jenna (playwright), Liam (actor), Suzy (director), and Gabby (actor).

Our two wonderful actors wanted to share their first reactions to the script.  First up is Gabby, who is playing the part of artist-turned-nurse Sophie:

After my initial reading of Captured, I found Isaac and Sophie’s relationship layered and exciting, and this really develops the more you read on; revealing why these two complex individuals have been apart for such a long time.

Having started to familiarise myself with Sophie, I can’t wait to tackle the part and see how she will come to life over the rehearsal period. What I like the most is that as the reader, I was taken on a journey which was unpredictable, intriguing and devastating, making for a captivating story that I am thrilled to be a part of.

And now for Liam, who is playing the part of photographer Isaac:

What immediately strikes me when reading the script is that it’s about relationships and the ideals that we all set for relationships. Isaac does this to an extreme. He truly loved Sophie but his professional passions became so strong that[… *plot spoiler removed!*].

It very much rings true to the saying that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, but Isaac can’t just accept what’s in front of him. He has a very particular type of beauty in his mind and he must try and create and capture that.

We begin full rehearsals next Monday so keep your eyes peeled for more blogs directly from Gabby and Liam.  Is there anything you want to know from these amazing actors?  Comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Actors’ Initial Responses to the Script

  1. Andy on said:

    Enjoyed the premier of this play last year, really looking forward to seeing how a different cast interprets it.


    • whiteslatetheatreundone on said:

      Not only are there new actors but also new set, new projections, new music, new direction and lots of script edits! Can’t wait!


  2. Le Chauve on said:

    What is your priority as an actor when you start working with a new colleague?


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