How everything is developing so far…

We are halfway into our third week of rehearsals and things are getting well underway for our first preview show! It’s two weeks today until our debut at the Marlowe Studio and we are making huge leaps but there is still lots to do! As I (Jen) write to you, Suzy and Stage Manager Shanice are having a lighting design meeting, Alex is creating more stunning visuals for projection, Liam and Gabby are running lines and Jono is modifying a chest of drawers for the set. Even outside of the rehearsal room it’s all systems go! It never stops surprising me just how much goes into creating the finished product you see on the stage.

Inside the rehearsal room things are also developing well. We’ve now had three full runs with each improving on the last and uncovering more of the characters’ motivations. At the minute we are still working on creating the right “arc of the piece” (that’s one of our favourite buzz phrases), which is one of the trickiest elements to negotiate in telling the story. There are so many ways in which you can play a moment but how each section develops has a huge domino effect on the following scenes. You can think you have discovered the perfect version only to put it into the play as a whole and realise it doesn’t work at all or find that the most outlandish idea you’ve had work perfectly. It’s all part of the fun and playing with this will be what we continue to do right up until the first show.

A new addition to the rehearsal room over the past few days has been some of our gorgeous set pieces designed by Jono Hadlow. We now have a door, a wall, a chest of drawers and even a sofa! Working and playing with these new elements has really helped us see the world of the play come to life. It has been amazing to watch the characters’ relationship to each other grow and the unveiling of the story grow and change as the space has evolved around them. We won’t give away any pictures (we don’t want to spoil the reveal at the show!!) but if you haven’t already checked out our Design inspirations post have a look to get  more of an idea of what we are working with.

As for now I’m running late for rehearsals (sorry guys), so I should probably get a move on! Let us know in the comment section if you have any questions for us about what we are doing at the moment, we’d love to hear from you!

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One thought on “How everything is developing so far…

  1. Daniella on said:

    Sounds like an amazing team working together! Can’t wait to see your show at the Marlowe!!


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