“Take perfect: paste it floor to sky” by Jono Hadlow

Our incredibly creative Set Designer Jono Hadlow has a hidden poetry/spoken word talent.  We challenged him to write a poetic response to his first reading of the script of Captured and he is generously letting us share with you what he came up with.  Hope you are as intrigued by it as us!

Take perfect paste it floor to sky
The perfect that’s inside the mind
And I will sneak without a sound
Under the belly of the ground
For all you see within a look
Is what your eye has understood
A beauty by a certain glance
And one click of a photograph

The form of figure pulls you in
The softest cushion of her skin
I’m lost for words but found a dance
A man behind a photograph
Sell yourself to me with tease
And play with our iniquities
Paint yourself upon my heart
Our love is now a work of art

Is this it
A set of frames
And shadows still without a name
Is this all we ever had
A pile of grey scale photographs
So for a moment we fall back
Like Alice through the looking glass
A love that was an artful dance
A captured curve
A photograph

© Jono Hadlow

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One thought on ““Take perfect: paste it floor to sky” by Jono Hadlow

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