“I know it’s cheesy, but I feel grate”

Who was the marketing genius that called them killer whales, rather than sea-pandas?

Oh, I’m sorry…
I thought you said “winebar”.

“I like cooking my family and my pets.”

Use commas.
Don’t be a psycho.

A few of our favourite marketing puns… It’s easy to get “out-of-focus” when you’re coming up with marketing strategies!  (Got any more good puns? Photography ones are always snappy. Let us know below!)

Marketing is another whole ball game in the world of our company.   We’re up at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe next week and we’re in anticipation for what crazy advertising ideas people have come up with.  Last time we were up there, we had the easy appeal of our actors performing the Charleston on The Mile (Edinburgh’s old high street that leads up to the castle and is one of the heaving hubbubs of the festival), whilst others of us handed out flyers to the attracted passers-by.  But it did help that the Charleston was a prominent aspect of Your Fragrant Phantom… It’s not quite so evident in Captured so perhaps we can’t use that technique again…  (If you’ve got any innovative ideas for us, do let us know in the comments section below – the crazier the better!)  And don’t worry, for those of you who aren’t up there to see us streaking, doing acrobatics, or simply stalking people down the streets, our online marketing will be sure to let you know what we’re getting up to.

In today’s day and age, of course there’s the whole world of social media and internet advertising too.  If it’s working correctly from us, you’ll have seen that we’ve not been shy about our online marketing this week in our countdown to the festival.  We’ve been sharing a photo a day as part of our social media campaign; some gorgeous teaser production images taken by the talented Alex Powell. (Has anyone out there been attracted to come along to see the show based on these?  We’d love to know – which has been the most intriguing picture?  Do the pictures say it all, or are the best posts in conjuction with text too?  How about a caption challenge competition?!) If it’s not working quite so well and you can’t be bothered to trawl back through our facebook posts, here’s a lovely little gallery of them all together, with a couple of previews for the next coming days. How convenient.

(We hope you’ve enjoyed all these little snippets in the deliberately-chosen but we-reckon-intentionally-rather-obnoxious “Underbelly purple”… We’ll try anything to get your attention!  We know we’ve bombarded you with a number of ways to get involved in the comments below, don’t feel like you have to answer all of our questions – just one might be nice..!)

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