Top Fringe Picks: Day 13

Is it really day 13 already?

 Time keeps slipping away from us up here – sorry for missing a couple of days! With so many great shows to see we just haven’t managed to find the time to let you know about them too! But today we have a day off and although we will miss performing Captured, we can’t wait to see some of the shows that we have clashed with up until now. We had a great, busy audience yesterday so make sure to book your tickets for our triumphant return on Tuesday (12.40pm @ Underbelly Cowgate). Until then here are a few of our recent favourites:

Milk – Varying times @ The Traverse

Actor Gabby says: “Milk unexpectedly connects three generations of couples and their journeys in love with some relatable and others surprising turns of events that are emotive and fascinating. With a simple yet very effective set, each couple’s world lives on the stage together but is quite clearly and cleverly separated before their worlds collide at different, very poignant moments. Touching and beautiful.

3 words to sum up: Emotional, Surprising & Clever.

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit – 4pm @ Assembly George Square

Actor Liam says: “My dear friend and brave & passionate actor Kim Allan took to the stage receiving an envelope not having a clue what was contained inside. She received a script and had to take the whole audience on a journey that proved to be one of the most inclusive theatre experiences you’ll ever wish to see. Sadly Kim only did it for one day but the beauty of it is you’ll get other talented actors taking to the stage to do it in the coming days. Well worth a watch!”

3 words to sum up: Unique, Collective, & Fun.

Trainspotting – In-Yer-Face Theatre Varying Times @ Assembly George Square Studios

Actor Gabby says: “In this fast paced recreation, we as the audience live in Irvine Welsh’s film, with elements of interaction, shocking and explicit content and all round crazy energy. It exceeded all expectations and left me buzzing with one of the most exciting and energising opening scenes to a show that I’ve ever seen. King’s Head theatre give their all, usually doing three shows a day and after their sell out run last Fringe, it looks more than likely to be heading in the same direction so grab a ticket while you can. Knock out!”

3 words to sum up: Insane, Gritty & Fiery

What would you recommend seeing this fringe? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @WhiteSlateUK.

We will be performing Captured again from Tuesday (12.40pm @ Underbelly Cowgate) 3 words to sum it up: Deeply Thought-Provoking & Moving – (Slight bend to the rules but theses words come from a lovely audience review on the fringe website!) 

IMG_9734 (683x1024)

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