Top Fringe Picks: Day 15

We’ve seen some AMAZING shows today, have you?

Isn’t it just wonderful to be up here and see that so many people are creating incredible, challenging, moving and imaginative work? We have been left feeling so privileged today to be a part of such a dynamic, diverse and inclusive arts festival and we are only just over the halfway mark so lots more to come! We’re performing Captured every day (12.40pm @ Underbelly Cowgate) until the end of the fringe and would love to see you there! Today’s top picks are as follows:

Every Brilliant Thing – 3.15pm @ The Roundabout, Summerhall

Writer Jenna says: “We had all heard amazing things about this show and getting a ticket for it was like gold dust. Usually this level of buzz can only set you up for a fall but not this time. Believe the hype and witness one of the most beautiful, heart-breaking and touching stories being told at the fringe. Jonny Donahoe is utterly compelling to watch and this is the kind of show that reaffirms why theatre is so important. 

3 words to sum up:  Honest, Imaginative & Astounding.

We Live by the Sea  – 4.30pm @ Pleasance Courtyard

Actor Gabby says: “A hugely talented and lovable cast sensitively navigate through this extremely moving and humble story. Their happiness is truly infectious and left me in tears. Absolute must see”

3 words to sum up: Touching, Important & Stunning.

Blank – 6.30pm @ Summerhall

Director Suzy says: “Experimental for sure. Blank is spontaneous, inclusive and leaves each new audience with a completely different theatrical experience. A performer who has never read the script, steps on stage and takes you the audience on a journey to get to know each other better. Together we fill in the blanks and discover we all have a story to tell. “

3 words to sum up: Intriguing, Experiential & Novel. 

What would you recommend seeing this fringe? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @WhiteSlateUK.

We will be performing Captured again tomorrow at 12.40pm @ Underbelly Cowgate (if you are planning to come this weekend BOOK NOW as we are almost sold out!) 3 words to sum it up: Ernest, Thought-provoking & Challenging. 

Gabby2 (1000x1000) (800x480)

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