Top Fringe Picks: Day 23

Only 3 shows to go…

Wow, it’s going fast!  We’ve got over our tired slump & we’ve been loving the last week of the Fringe.  Sorry we haven’t had much chance to blog about it, but as the festival draws to a close, we wanted to share with you some final fantastic shows.  And if you’ve not managed to catch Captured yet, don’t miss out on the final performances over the next few days (12.40pm @ Underbelly Cowgate).

Bucket List – Theatre Ad Infinitum 3.50pm @ Pleasance Dome


Director Suzy says: “A gorgeous dynamic and style from this incredible company.  A revenge story that makes you question what justice really is.  The first show that I’ve seen at the Fringe which has been over an hour & I didn’t once think about anything other than what was in front of me.  An intense, brutal, & moving story, which builds a real love for the characters.”

3 words to sum up:  Powerful, Slick, & Thought-Provoking.

Life By The Throat  – Most Wanted 2pm @ Underbelly Cowgate


Stage Manager Shanice says: “One man’s show about the effects of drugs, alcohol and violence on his life and the realities he comes to face.  An honest piece, performed by a woman, tells the life span of Jamie’s journey unveiled through carefully selected snapshots of memories. An interesting look at how human stories can be shared and how gender doesn’t have to define us – but without even needing to create a commentary upon it.”

3 words to sum up: Deep, Imaginative, & Truthful.

Bit of Sunshine – Kilter Theatre 6.05pm @ theSpace on the Mile

Actor Gabby says: “This brilliant piece of writing originally tackles the struggles of living with an eating disorder.  The story shows vulnerability and is brought to life in front of us with laughs and tears along the way.”

3 words to sum up: Compelling, Heart-breaking, & Funny. 

What would you recommend seeing this fringe? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @WhiteSlateUK.

We will be performing Captured again tomorrow at 12.40pm @ Underbelly Cowgate – remember, only 3 more chances to catch it in Edinburgh… 3 words to sum it up: Astonishing, Sensitive & Special. 

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