A cobble mile of trodden path.

On a breeze,
Catch the past.
A cobble mile
Of trodden path.

Feel its life
Course through
Your veins.

You’ll never leave.
All will stay

Walk an Edinburgh Street – Helen Walker

A poem you’ll find at the airport in Edinburgh.  Alas, we did leave, and Edinburgh has come to an end for another year for us…  But we’ll be sure to be back to this magical city again.

After 24 shows, we close the doors on Captured for the time being.  Seeing as we might be a little quieter for the next wee while, we thought we’d let you all know some of our vague upcoming plans and ideas to keep you excited.

  1. Beyond Paradise (previously Your Fragrant Phantom) will hopefully be hitting theatres again for Autumn 2017 across the UK.  If you’re interested in the infamous Fitzgeralds visiting a town near you, do let us know where.
  2. Captured is hoping to be London-bound at some point in the next year. So if you weren’t able to make it up North, there’ll be more opportunities to catch this stunning piece.  Keep your eyes peeled.
  3. And on top of both of those, we’ll be laying the nest for the third show in our repertoire…

This next project looks to be pretty exciting and we’ll be sure to share behind-the-scenes of our research stage as it comes into shape.  We’ll be creating in a new experimental way for this third show, so if you’re interested in volunteering to be part of this new developmental strategy, do get in touch.

If you’ve just come across this blog and have only caught our last few posts reviewing Edinburgh shows, make sure to go back through our archives and you’ll find lots of interesting backstage poems, videos, drawings etc from what goes on in and around the White Slate Theatre creative process.  You’ll even find a list of our all time favourite plays somewhere in there.  Do you have any top picks?  We’d love to hear your contributions, so do join in the comments and we’ll make sure to get back to you!

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