Research for ‘RE: PRODUCTION’

The admin part of running a theatre company is never our favourite – we’re creatives after all – but at least the research phase is creating a great deal of excitement so far.  Not only has our research sparked numerous interesting discussions between Writer and Director, we have also initiated a number of meetings with incredibly experienced and insightful individuals.  Just to name a few, so far we have met with:

Dr Darren Griffin, Professor of Genetics at the University of Kent – recently put together two events for the Canterbury Festival DR D’N’A – a whistlestop tour through human reproduction and YOUNOME EXHIBITION – A PERSONALISED GENOME IN 25 PORTRAITS (View the exhibition guide here).  Darren is going to be on hand to both help us with the science research for Re: Production and connect us with a number of scientists juggling careers and family.

Jessica Hepburn, prior Executive Director of the Lyric Hammersmith and current Director of Fertility Festival – runs an amazing blog called the Pursuit of Motherhood chronicling her honest struggles with infertility.  This particular post May vs. Leadsom was already a hot topic with us, but every post is interesting, pertinent & inspiring, do check it out.  Our conversation with her really encouraged us both as a company, with this production, and as individuals.

And a number of Artistic Directors, some of whom are supporting us and programming us, and some of whom we are just starting to get to know but absolutely love their work – Liz Moran at the Gulbenkian, David Byrne at the New Diorama Theatre, James Haddrell at Greenwich Theatre, Jamie Eastlake at N16.  It is only through their trust and commitment that we are able to push forward with our work.

We have been so encouraged and inspired by these wonderful people leading in their fields and felt the need to name drop them for you all to find out a bit more about them.  We can’t wait to continue conversations with them and meet more people as Re: Production comes to life.  Oh, and if you hadn’t noted the announcement of the new title of our new play in the header, there it is!  (Click on the title to find out more about the piece on our website)

We also have some exciting new design work being processed so we can’t wait to share that with you very shortly… A third play is suddenly seeming very real.

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