Presenting “RE: PRODUCTION” Coming Spring 2017

A little insight into the working relationship between directors and designer…

Directors: “Here’s the blurb.  We don’t really know how it’s going to play out.  It’s about a scientist but we don’t want the poster to be too sciencey.  And it’s about female choices but we don’t want it to be too feminine.  We don’t really have many ideas.  We’re up for seeing a number of different options.”
Designer: “…”
Directors: “Ye… We don’t really like your first idea, can you try again?”
Designer: “…”
Directors: “That’s a better idea.  But we don’t like this, this, or this.”
Designer: “…”
Directors: “Maybe you could add something in the background.”
Designer: “…”
Director: “We’re not sure we like the background.”
Designer: “…”
Directors: “Wow, okay, you’re much better than us, we’ll just leave you to it!”

Please note (“…”) means ridiculous hardwork, creative ideas, development of new skills, and extraordinary talent from Alex Powell. Check out his website here.

And without further ado, here is the poster for our latest show:


Let us know what you think.  What might the play be about?  Would you want to see it?!  Keep your eyes peeled as we announce venues and dates for both scratches and full performances across the UK in 2017.

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