Scratching the surface – Re: Production Group 1

We’re back in the rehearsal room and all creative juices are flowing!  Over the next two weeks, we are working with four different groups of actors on the initial monologues and scenes of Re: Production.  This is a new way of creating for White Slate Theatre and it’s exciting to have the space and time and support to push ourselves (thanks to both the Gulbenkian and all the actors getting involved!).

Today’s blog insight comes from actor Robert Boulton who is being the guinea pig for our experimental development process! After just two days, we’ve asked him “What has intrigued you the most about this play so far?” and here’s his response:

Learning about the state of fertility treatment in the UK has been a fascinating topic to explore.  Examining the modern sensibilities and social constructs surrounding parenthood and the depths to which there are arguments for and against having children has been a challenge, but one which we’ve really started to get to grips with.  This is the beginning of a dialogue that needs to happen and the theatre is the ideal venue to talk in.

Thanks Rob, a White Slate Theatre show is definitely defined by being deep, intimate & challenging so it’s good to hear that this third piece is heading in that direction!

If you’re also intrigued by these ideas and themes, come and check out our scratch night on Monday 30th January at Theatre N16 where we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on where we’re up to!

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