Enabling creative freedom – Re: Production Group 2

Our next guest blogger is the lovely Dan Burman who has jumped into group 2 of the Re: Production research and development.  We’ve asked him “What have you been learning from this experimental process?” and here’s his response:

The use of the audience as a “sounding board”/”jury”/”best friend”/”inner critic” has made for a much more layered performance within both scene work and improvisation.

Sometimes the “audience” can be your greatest supporter, encouraging you to turn the screw and play your need more strongly.  But sometimes they can be your worst nightmare and make the space seem very small and claustrophobic – and they weren’t even there.

Either way I love “fourth wall” breaking as it gives you the added dynamic that is only accessible through live performance.  For me that gives the theatre its magic and White Slate’s approach to this was fascinating and challenging.

It gave me a lot of tools to work with without stifling the creative process. This freedom took both the scripted sections and improv into new and often surprising directions.

Thanks Dan, we can’t wait to see what this will be like with a real live audience!

Don’t forget our scratch night is in London on Monday 30th January at Theatre N16 Balham 8.30pm!

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