The ‘conception’ of ideas – Re: Production Group 2

Introducing the lovely Sinead O’Brien who has not only been a part of group 2, but also popped into group 1 for a couple of hours to help us with some ideas!  We’ve asked her “What techniques have stood out in the way we’ve been working?” and here’s her response:

This is my first time working with White Slate Theatre. I have really enjoyed the process of exploring this new script. I think the way we play with addressing the audience and letting the characters consider the possibilities of how an argument can go in real time opens up the conversation. And it’s interesting how that can engage an audience more, but also leave them space to consider multiple points of view not just the character they identify with the most.

It’s a fun and heartfelt way to convey the differences in view while trying to allow and understand all the viewpoints.

I’m fascinated by how Suzy and Jenna work, the writing is really balanced in this piece allowing the different points of view to be presented equally.  But it’s also rich enough that by breaking it down and shifting focus each character can convince themselves they’re winning.  Suzy’s direction is really sharp and how they work with you on a piece really brings out so many unexpected choices and colours.  It really pushes you to be in the moment – feel on your feet, as well as think.

Thanks Sinead, such great feedback.  We’re so excited by where all the collaborative ideas are taking the piece!

Just over a week to go until the scratch night of Re: Production on Monday 30th January at Theatre N16 Balham 8.30pm!

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