“Imitating Various Forms” – Re: Production Group 3

“Imitating Various Forms”… Just attempting a play on words with our thematic acronyms… Any better attempts for IVF?!  As we prep for our Scratch Night tomorrow, here’s some reflective thoughts from the fabulous Catherine Nicholson who is part of group 3:

It has been really freeing & enjoyable working on one monologue with two people.  Sarah & I have been exploring different ways to pull out conversations & parallel meanings from one piece of text.

I loved the playful approaches we have taken to the piece, especially being physical in response to reproductive science.  We laughed a lot enacting sperm!  And it was very funny allowing ourselves the freedom to be immature in response to the word ‘penis’ & even a slip of the tongue where someone said ‘scrotal snack’ (all whilst acting, of course!).

We looked at the main character (Karen) & how she might explain reproductive science at different ages & stages of her life.  We played with Karen’s personal & professional side, looking at how she might reveal these sides of herself through the work.

Thanks Catherine, a sensitive & honest insight into our explorations..!

Don’t forget the scratch night of Re: Production is tomorrow Monday 30th January at Theatre N16 Balham 8.30pm!

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