Opening The Curtains For The First Time

As we face our Scratch Night this evening and share our first snippets of Re: Production with an audience for the first time, we ask actor Sarah Simmons what she’s looking forward to:

Having been working very playfully and experimentally with the text, it will be great to gauge the reaction of the audience – see whether they laugh, rise to the engaging elements, and also to see how much their understanding of Karen as a character develops in our scene.

Because there are several elements at play within the scene, it will be great to see what the audience understand from it, with regards to Karen & the scientific world of IVF & the context which she sits in.

I’m hoping the audience experience the scene in a very fun and energising way, as well as connecting with Karen as a character.

Catherine & I have had a lot of fun working with the scene and trying many different approaches.  It’s going to be fab to see what is uncovered by doing it in front of a crowd!

Thank you to the lovely Sarah Simmons who has spared time to work with us in amongst so many other amazing projects – look out for A Heart At Sea, Box CleverBetter Together & check out her stunning music too!

Looking forward to sharing scenes from Re: Production tonight & receiving feedback, thoughts & ideas.  Don’t miss out – Monday 30th January at Theatre N16 Balham 8.30pm!

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