Behind-the-scenes with actor Catherine Nicholson

As we get back into rehearsals with the actors in Canterbury, Catherine Nicholson reflects on how things are going:
The first 2 weeks of R and D with White Slate have been intense; there was lots of time for play and exploration, and the script was changing as we improvised new ideas. Working so directly with a playwright while the script is still in progress is such an exciting way to work as the words start to become your own.

We have been working on many different relationships with our audience and how to use them as our counselors, mentors, a board to bounce questions and ideas off. This was particularly exciting at our short performance at Innovate: Guildford Science and Arts Festival, where we were able to test these boundaries with fresh and unsuspecting audiences.

It was great to work intensely to produce our first short performance, and we are now excited to extend this and dig deeper into the piece to make a fuller, richer, sillier show.
Catherine is having the opportunity to go into the Genetics Lab at the University of Kent with Professor Darren Griffin later in the week as part of her research for the character and the play.  Look out for another blog where she tells us what it’s like to be a fly on the wall in a science lab!
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