From Page to Stage and Back Again

From initial conception to right now on the brink of our first performance (to a paying audience!) the road to creating Re: Production has been completely different to any we have taken before & especially so for me (Jenna) as a writer.

Usually when we approach a new project I spend a lot of time alone researching (tearing my hair out), drafting (tearing my hair out) and discarding scenes (tearing my hair out) before we even get close to casting or showing anything to an audience. Not this time. With just a handful of scenes that didn’t fit together in any particular order (or even all belong in the same play!) we gathered together our talented actor friends to put on a scratch night and test lots of things in front of an audience that we really weren’t sure would work! Some did and some didn’t but in general the lesson I learnt from the whole experience was to stop being quite so precious with my words and just try things out without them having to be perfect!

From working with such great people during our scratch phase we were able to cast wonderful Dan Burman and Catherine Nicholson and immediately jump into rehearsals for our first half an hour preview show at Guildford’s Innovate Festival – still with no more script! Working with Dan, Catherine & Suzy (Director half of White Slate) in the rehearsal room intensively for the next few weeks inspired me to go home every evening and keep writing new scenes & monologues for us to explore the next day. Miraculously by the time we were scheduled to perform we had a 30 minute version of Tom & Karen’s story we were all incredibly proud of and excited to share.

Since then we have continued to work closely together in the rehearsal room developing our full and finished show to premiere at Brighton Fringe THIS WEEK! We can’t wait for you all to see what we have been working so hard on and to share this intimate, engaging and challenging story with you!


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