Parent & Baby Group With a Difference Week 2

From Maud to Maureen to Jenny, Jemima & Xander, we’ve been coming up with all sorts of characters this week! Feel free to guess what their names say about them, but you might just be surprised…

With some parents unable to make it this week (we missed you), we’re always ready for the sessions to go in different directions & we’re always ready for new people to come along too.  With just two participants able to make it on Monday, we planned extra ideas to fill the workshop with, but this was one of the chattiest sessions yet (I guess that’s our planning for next week still covered already…)!  And as for Friday, everyone wanted a piece of attention – not just the babies!!

Week two began with some more reflective introductions

  • “When I was 18, I thought I would be … & my life would look like… by now”
  • “One thing that I’ve been proud of this year is…”

We make assumptions about our lives when we’re younger, but life never turns out the way we plan it.  It was interesting to not only learn something about how we each felt looking back, but also to get to know a little bit about the younger versions of ourselves.  One participant remarked how surprised she is by how much she is getting to know herself better every year!  We all agreed!

Then came the homework…

Doesn’t that word bring back so many memories from school?!  Don’t worry, we didn’t give out any detentions for the poor excuses!

Some people had written down their observed conversations from the week and some people had just remembered them.  In a similar way to week one, we first looked at what the conversations told us directly about the characters – the facts, the circumstances.  And then we started coming up with ideas of who these characters could be.  How would this conversation be different if this was the mother’s 6th child as opposed to her 1st?  How would this conversation sound if one character secretly disliked the person they were talking about?  Are we sure this is a female voice? As we started to observe and create interesting and intricate relationships, we kept asking what makes us care about this character and what would be surprising for this character to do or say?  We pushed the ideas so as not to get stuck in one direction, but once we had explored for a while, we decided to make some group decisions.  These were just some of the characters we came up with…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As the weeks go on, we’ll pick and choose which characters to revisit.  Next week we might see if we can take these characters off the page and see what they look like as they interact with us! Maybe this will try out some of our acting skills, or maybe some participants would rather have a little go at directing… if both those words sound scary right now, remember the last two weeks, we’ve all pretty much been playwrights so far without even thinking about it.

To find out more about these workshops, click here, or email to book your space and ask any questions.  It’s never too late to join!  Sessions run Monday 11.30-1 at St Dunstan’s Church Hall & Friday 10.30-12 at the Beaney…

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