Workshop Week 3

As summer is swiftly disappearing from the streets of Canterbury progressing into crisp, bright autumn, so to are we developing leaps and bounds in our weekly workshops.

Building from creating characters in last weeks workshops, this week we have been taking them out for a spin! We have been devising and writing situations they might have found themselves in, learning more about their idiosyncrasies and uncovering the drama in their everyday.

We have been focussing this week on the extraordinary stories hidden in the ordinary. What motivates the woman who dresses in dazzling outfits for a trip to the doctors surgery but plain old jeans and a t-shirt for dog walking? What was going on when a man dressed as a knight burst into Debenhams and proceeded to guard the door? And is the grumpy older lady you see barking orders in Tesco really so miserable after all when you see her jubilantly dancing at Pride?

Each week we have been uncovering more about the stories we want to tell and explore and over at White Slate HQ our brains are buzzing for next week and all the new developments we will make!

If you have a baby under 18 months and want to join us for a weekly session of theatre workshopping send us an email at baby-cinema-01

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