Week 4 Time flies…

Another week with our lovely Parents & Babies.  One participant this week said “This is the one part of the week where I get to do something for me.  Not for my children, not for my husband, not for my boss, just for me” – it’s amazing to be able to bring people together in such a simple way but by connecting & challenging them, they are given a platform to be themselves & explore their identity & have such a fun time.

This week has seen us delving into the worlds of our characters.  Imagining all of the people we have come across all living on one street, we have had some very amusing interactions.  What might nosy Maureen & dutiful Geoff at Number 38 think about single Susan?  Why did Maud at Number 57 start bringing in student lodgers a few years back? Did Barbara hear the arguments coming from Tom & Karen’s the other morning – would she stay out of it or would she say her piece?

So we’ve been thinking about perceptions and what neighbours think of each other & we’ve actually found out over the past couple of weeks that some of our participants actually live on the same street themselves but have only just realised… We wonder what they thought of each other before..!


Creating the world of our characters & rooting them into a community has been the next development in building an important story that we want to share.  In understanding the everyday lives of these wildly different people we have been able to uncover all of the possible drama in their everyday & we are now ready to look at how we can unfold this on stage. After mastering dialogue next week it will be monologues & how to structure a story! Exciting times ahead!

If you have a young baby and want to come along to our sessions please drop us an email at info@whiteslatetheatre.co.uk.

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