Stories, styles & stamina

The last two weeks’ have seen a lot of progress in our Parent & Baby groups.  On Monday, we had the lovely Duska Radosavljevic come & share some exciting exercises from her Mums & Babies Ensemble – a brilliantly creative book which allows anyone to pick up & explore the ideas as a group.  From learning about the history of our names and babies’ names (a great ice breaker for remembering each other’s names finally after many weeks together!), sharing about birthing stories (and yes Jenna and I shared what we know about our own seeing as we haven’t given birth ourselves!), to our favourite exercise which was titled “Manifestos”… we had one minute to stand on a podium in the middle & openly rant about anything on our minds which we felt passionately about.  A fantastic way to spark conversations & open up quickly in a safe space.  Being given the opportunity to “babble” allowed us to reveal thoughts & opinions & questions.  Just a couple of the topics which came out: intentional dinner times with children, anger at shops for only stocking pink girls’ clothes, having an awareness of first impressions & trying not to judge people. 

Back to our regular sessions & we’re starting to work towards the end of the term – each group will share a ten minute reading with each other of what they have come up with.  Having built characters, developed scenes & explored themes, we are now experimenting with style.  Who might our audience be?  How could we interact with an audience?  How might we stage the ideas we’ve got so far?  From board meetings, to inner thoughts, to witness statements, to street parties, we’re so excited to see what our groups come up with!

If you have a young baby and want to come along to our sessions please drop us an email at  We’ll be starting a new term in January and can’t wait to meet more new parents.

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