Pulling Our Scenes Together

This week we have been on count down to our scene sharing session!

With just a week to go before we all get together to share the culmination of our explorations, we have been furiously pulling together all the fragments and snippets of dialogue between all of the colourful characters we have created! It’s so exciting to see all of the hard work everyone has put in coming together in such a fruitful way & we are so excited for the final results!

In both Monday & Friday Parent & Baby groups we are pushing the boundaries of theatrical forms. Playing with flashbacks, narration and short interlocking scenes to create pace, drama, suspense and mystery!

In Monday’s group we have the case of Nigel’s missing Dog, Karen & Tom’s strange behaviour and Maud’s new house guest…

Christine: I wonder what she could want from you? You don’t think she heard about our dinner with Paul and Chloe do you? Not that it seems to have done much good.

Nigel: Time will tell, at least Paul knows how serious i am about the promotion

Christine: the possible promotion

Nigel: the almost certain promotion – you didn’t see how ill Geoff looked, and he’s been off work now for what, 6 months?

Christine: Look I just don’t want you to get ahead of yourself. We still have plenty of other things to worry about.

Nigel: I know you are missing Toby but we will find him. I promise you


Karen: You can’t be serious Tom?

Tom: Why not?

Karen: Because we aren’t ready!

Tom: We aren’t or you aren’t?

Karen: It’s not the right time.

Tom: When will it be?

Karen: I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t want to have to sit here watching Nigel have the career I always dreamed of


Mark: Of course she’s a bit mad Marc. All the best ones are.

Marc: And she definitely said she wanted to come with us on saturday? She heard you properly?

And in Fridays group we have been writing up the case of the calamitous street party…

NARRATOR/ LAWYER: Potter Row was a suburban road like any other in Middle England. The houses terraced, the lawns mown and the neighbours aware of exactly what one another were getting up to at any given moment. At number 35 lived Maureen and Bill, a retired hairdresser and plumber who first set up home on the street in 1977…

BILL: Well the first I knew of any trouble was when Maureen came back saying she’d been speaking to Xander over the fence..


XANDER: No, honestly Maureen it’s fine. You really don’t need to trim the hedge for me.

MAUREEN: It really is no bother love. I don’t mind at all, I’m out doing mine anyway…

So now we have the stories locked down it’s time to finish up and polish our acting shoes! How exciting to think that just 9 weeks ago none of these characters or stories existed and now we are almost ready to deliver two exciting, funny and daring collections of scenes!

If you have a young baby and want to come along to our sessions please drop us an email at info@whiteslatetheatre.co.uk.  We’ll be starting a new term in January and can’t wait to meet more new parents.


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