It all came together..!

Monday 20th November, what a brilliant morning! Bringing together our two parent groups and their babies, as well as a couple of lovely invited audience, we finally had the chance to share our creative stories that have been developed over the past 8 weeks!


Our Monday group was fast, fun and dynamic.  An exciting array of scenes which jumped in and out of houses all along the same street, starting and ending each scene with the same word.  Some of our parents had never been on a stage before, so there was a real sense of thrill and excitement in the air.  We all took turns being the different characters in the scenes so it was quite the event all running around, in and out of seats, trying to put different props on, and remember who we all were!

Maud: Out! That’s it Buster out for a wee. It has been so very lovely to have you here you know. So much nicer than being cooped up in here all by myself.
Tom: Selfish.
Karen: I’m selfish?
Tom:  yep, that’s what I said. You
Mark: You can’t be serious.
Marc: I am. She stole the dog.
Mark: She did not.
Marc: She did. You have to tell her that she’s got to give it back
Tom: Back late every night. I barely see you. It’s lonely Karen.

fullsizeoutput_18cThen it was time for the Friday group.  A completely different set up.  All the audience and participants sat around a long table all in amongst each other.  It was a “tribunal”!  These scenes were led by the narrator creating an exciting intrigue throughout.  A street who were obsessed with the small bits of gossip going on had to unveil the outcomes of an “incident”.  It was amazing to see the scenes which all of our participants had written and created in different styles, all feed together.  Some of our parents had never done any creative writing before, so it was brilliant seeing them step out of their comfort zone and share with one another!

NARRATOR: Now that the history has been laid out, let’s begin the tribunal. Bill, Tom, Susan & Jenny are our key witnesses to the events that took place on the 7th of May 2018 on a seemingly joyful day on Potter Row. Let us first hear from Bill Turnbull.
BILL: Well the first I knew of any trouble was when Maureen came back saying she’d been speaking to Xander over the fence..
XANDER: No, honestly Maureen it’s fine. You really don’t need to trim the hedge for me.
MAUREEN: It really is no bother love. I don’t mind at all, I’m out doing mine anyway

8 weeks ago – or even 2 weeks ago – we weren’t quite sure we’d have anything to share!  But it has been amazing seeing everyone work together and get their creative juices flowing.  For many, they didn’t even know they had those skills.  Be it writing, discussing, emailing, or improvising, everyone has contributed in some way and everyone has come up with some unique ideas – it has certainly inspired the way White Slate work.  Thank you!

One more week of term to debrief and have some fun before we take a break over the holidays.  If you then fancy joining a new Parent and Baby Group With A Difference at the end of January and letting your creative juices flow, please get in touch at – we’d love to hear from you.

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