Jumping Higher and Higher

Jumping Higher and Higher: Our Poem, Draft One

You don’t need the latest phone:
Your voice is strong enough to carry the message without 4G
You can put Barbie on the crossbars of your BMX or in your tiny arms and rock her
Girly is tree-climbing in labcoats or changing a plug with Shalackaka ™
Girly is human-y

Boyish is mud covered knees and a hug
Boyish is changing a nappy with Shalackaka
Boyish is human-ish –
– But that’s not to say alien.

It’s to say
we can weave in and out of each other
criss crossing the expectations
like lines on an I and dots on a T
up and up and up
heading for the moon,
if we fancy.


So as promised last week here is the second collective poem we created with our parents under the guidance of the fabulous Helen Seymour.  This time we started our exploration from the last line of another poem – ‘Thirteen’ by Kate Tempest (another incredibly inspiring spoken word/poet/musician you should check out https://www.panmacmillan.com/blog/march-2016/friday-poem-thirteen).  We threw out ideas about what we might want to tell our children when they become a teenager and then we took either an idea on its own or two ideas merged together and tried to come up with a line of a poem.  Pretty impressed with where we got to together!

Our Monday and Friday groups are really starting to head in different directions now and it’s amazing to see parents from such different backgrounds coming together to be open and creative.  We’ll let you know more about these two plots in due course… let’s just leave you with the idea that one group seems to be coming up with a dystopian future whilst the other is exploring utopian ideals – we wonder if this says anything about those involved?!

Either way, we’re having great fun with both groups!  It’s not too late to join us if you’re a new parent and you’re intrigued

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